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Baby Boy Names starting with letter "G"

Here are the complete list of Indian baby boy names starting with letter "S", the baby boy names list has been given with their meanings, so you can opt whatever baby boy name you like.
You can also browse the Famous baby boy names list with complete meaning or Search more baby boy names in baby names till you get your favorite baby boy names.
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Gagan .... sky, heaven
Gaganvihari .... one who stays in heaven
Gajanan .... one with elephant face
Gajendra .... elephant king
Ganaraj .... lord of the clan
Gangadhar .... Shiva
Gangadutt .... gift of Ganga
Gaurang .... fair complexioned
Gaurav .... honour, pride, respect
Geet .... song
Girish .... god of mountain
Giriraj .... lord of mountain
Girilal .... son of mountain
Giridhar .... one who holds mountain (Krishna)
Govind .... cowherd
Gopal .... Krishna, cowherd
Gopan .... protection
Gunaratna .... jewel of virtue
Gulab .... rose
Guru .... teacher, master, priest
Gurbachan .... promise of the guru
Gurdeep .... lamp of the guru
Gurdayal .... compassionate guru
Gurcharan .... feet of the guru
Gurmeet .... friend of the guru
Gurnam .... name of the guru
Gursharan .... refuge at the guru
Gurudas .... servant of the guru
Gurudutt .... gift of the guru
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