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Baby Boy Names starting with letter "T"

Here are the complete list of Indian baby boy names starting with letter "S", the baby boy names list has been given with their meanings, so you can opt whatever baby boy name you like.
You can also browse the Famous baby boy names list with complete meaning or Search more baby boy names in baby names till you get your favorite baby boy names.
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Tanmay .... engrossed
Tarun .... young, youth
Tapan .... sun, summer
Tapas .... heat, penance
Tarak .... star, pupil of eye, protector
Taran .... raft, heaven
Tarang .... wave
Tej .... light, lustrous
Tejas .... sharpness
Tilak .... spot of vermillion or sandal wood paste on forehead 
Teerth .... holy place, sacred water
Timin .... large fish
Trilochan .... one with three eyes, Shiva
Trilok .... the three worlds (heaven, earth, hell)
Tulasidas .... servant of Tulasi (basil plant)
Tungar .... high, lofty
Tungesh .... moon
Tushar .... fine drops of water
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