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Famous Baby Girl Names

Here are some good collection of nice baby names for girls, in which some of the baby names are trendy in nature. Get the right baby name for your girl from the list given below.

Famous Baby Girl Names

Aishwarya Wealth; Prosperity
Adithi Freedom, Safety, Abundance
Anita Grace
Anusha Beautiful Morning, A Star
Bhavna Good Feelings; Emotions
Devi devi
Deepa Lamp
Divya Heavenly
Gayatri my love
Gopika gopika
Gouri goddess parvathi
Haarika Haarika
Harini harini
Himaja The one born in Snow (Parvathi Devi)
Padmavati Girl Goddess Lakshmi
Poojita girl Poojita
Praneetha pra
Nandhita nandhta
Neeharika Dew drops,silver lining of cloud,girl admired by looking
Nikhita strong
Nishitha nishitha
Rachana writer
Rani rani
Roopa Ramyaminayna roopa
Rahitha Goddess Lalitha Devi
Sabitha sabitha
Sagarika sea
Sahiti sahiti
Sangeetha Sangeetha
Saritha Name of a river
Shivani Shivani
Sobha sobha
Sowmya sowmya
Vaishali name of an ancient kingdom
Vandana vandanamulu
Vijaya vijaya
Vimala vimala
Varsha varsha
Yamuna Famous river name

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