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The story runs behind the revenge of Rajaram (Venkatesh). Raghuram (Nagababu) who is the father of Rajaram is an investigative journalist. Raghuram finds every information with proofs about a cruel don Nana Bhai (Aditya Pancholi), by becoming his right hand under a mission named "Shadow". He submits all his investigation reports to CP (Shayaji Shinde) who is a news publisher but Nana Bhai finds the truth and kills Raghuram and family.

As luck favors hero Rajaram escapes from Nana Bhai hand and grows up with the help of Baba (Nasser). Rajaram becomes a powerful young man and names himself as "Shadow" to take his revenge. He starts to trace and kill the Nana Bhai gang members. Now a police officer who is on the side of Nana Bhai Prathap (Srikanth) come into the picture.

So Rajaram and Prathap becomes enemies and start to hunt each other. But later Rajaram comes to know that Prathap is his close relative. Mean while he meet Madhubala (Tapsee) in his mission. What happens next in the story? Dose shadow get success in his mission? What is the relation between Rajaram and Prathap?


Victory Venkatesh looked stylish and energetic in the movie. He is the backbone of the movie and was really super especially in action sequences. More over his costumes in the title song were very impressive. Srikanth is really super in the character of police officer, his body language and acting suited his character.

Tapsee is beautiful in her character. The character of M.S.Narayana is too funny and he really gave his best for the role. Aditya Pancholi is very impressive in the negative shade role. Jayaprakash Reddy also cracked some jokes that impressed audience.

Madhurima has also given her in the role of Venkatesh sister. Nagababu and Nasser were decent in their roles.

Plus points:

Venkatesh action is the big plus point to the movie. The characterization of Srikanth is nice. Though Tapsee was good she did not have much to do. The comedy played by M.S.Narayana and Jayaprakash Reddy is really impressive.

Background music was super and the picturesqueness of of fist song 'Shadow' was fine. Venkatesh looks very stylish in the song.

Minus Points:

The movie dose not have any new concept or content to say. The dialogs were simple and quite common. Meher Ramesh direction is really not up to the mark. The placement of songs dose not match the situation at all. The story is written in a easily predictable manner. The role of heroine is limited to songs only.

The Gabbar Singh anthyakshari scene comedy dose not worked here. Gabbar Singh costume for vekatesh is also unsatisfactory. The sister and mother sentiment scene are also looks to be out dated in the movie. The climax of the movie was not all good and gives a bad feed back from the audience.

Rahul Dev and Supreeth are not even ok in their role. Geetha, Madhurima, Krishna Bhagawan and Vennela Kishore were wasted for small roles.

Technical Departments:

Chromatography of the movie was unsatisfactory. Visuals effects of the movie were not rich to feel, just a grand and extravagant locations are found. Editing is jerky. Story narration is too slow and will surely test the patience of audience. Thaman's misic for songs were not even below average.

Meher Ramesh's direction is not even ok.


Over all the movie is not up to the mark. Though Venkatesh looked stylish there is nothing new in the movie. The direction is very poor and script is not good. All this make the audience and fans into depression about the movie.

Shadow Movie Casting

Venkatesh, Tapsee, Srikanth, Madhurima, MS Narayana, Naga Babu, Jayaprakash Reddy, Aditya Menon, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Mukesh Rishi, Prabhu, Srinivasa Reddy and others.

Shadow Movie Crew

Banner : U Sqare Movies
Name of the film : Shadow
Music : Taman
Camera : Prasad
Presented by : Paruchuri Kireeti
Producer : Paruchuri Siva Rama Prasad
Director : Meher Ramesh

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