Union Minister Gopinath Munde dies after Road Accident

This India news posted by TeluguDB on 03 June, 2014

Union Minister Gopinath Munde dies after Road Accident - Online India News

BJP senior leader and present union minister Gopinath Munde today morning met with an accident and dies in hospital due to an internal bleeding and heart attack.

Gopanath Munde who have strong mass following and well known good leader in India, who is elected as Member of Parliament from Maharashtra in the general elections, which are conducted in last month by election commission.

Today morning Munde is on his way to Airport to travel from New Delhi to Mumbai, suddenly some car is gave a dash from backside, at that time Munde is in front seat. After the accident even he asked for a water and requested to take him to hospital. But he died in hospital.

As soon BJP got to know about this matter all of them are surprised and been to the hospital. All political parties are paying homage to the leader.

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