Kaalamulu (3 Seasons)

Varshaa Kaalamu - Rainy Season

Rainy season ,in this have the original meaning ,that means the season contains full of rains.in india the season begins and ends in october. During summer season the indian oceans goes up as vapours and then vapours fomed as clouds and then clouds falled in monsoon and then rain will be come. This is the reason for rains come in this season.

In rainy season rain provides us water for humans , animals and plants also.in rainy season climate also cool. The water is use ful for crops to grow. rainy season is one of the beautiful season for us.in this season plants will be filled with new greeny leaves.

But in this season children suffer from cough,cold and stomach problems. take some precautions will help for good health.wear rain coats must in this season.

Rainy season is the helping like friend for farmers ,trees and animals.in food making process it is the best season.

Enda Kaalamu - Summer Season

Summer is the warmest season of the 3 seasons. In summer season days are longest and nights are shortest. The summer time period is vary from northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere, india.

Northern hemispher summer begins on june 21 and ends to sepetember 21.but in southern hemisphere it begins on december 1 to ends on last day of febrauary ,in india the season begins on march and ends to may.

A period of hot, usually sunny weather in that time almost all schools are closed . parents and children they want to prefer to go any cool places of that time.that is the right time to the trips. but some precautions is to take for beauty and health. Take a lot of water that time and drink fruit juices and eat fruits. those are good tips for health.

Chali Kaalamu - Winter Season

Winter season is the coldest season in all the seasons .in this season nights are longest and days are shortest. the time period of this season is vary from various cultures of various atmospheres. In some areas it will appeared as a snow fall. and some areas permenantly covered with snow.

In this season temperature will fell down.in some countries the temperature will go to minus degrees. in this season some health problems are coming.

Children suffer from cough, cold and dryness of skin .wear wollen swetters and caps in this season .it is good for health.

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