Panchaamrutamulu - Pancha Amrutamulu

Panchamruthamu is used in Festive occasions and puja. It is made up with five ingredients. Pancha means five and amrutham means nectar.

It is used as a prasaadam during pujas and in all temples for abhishekham. It is usually made up with milk, curd, honey, sugar and ghee.

Some of the ingredients also used in Panchamrutham, jaggery, coconut, raisins, dates, curd and sugar. Panchamrutham is served with Banana mostly.


Honey is sweet food, which is made by bees using nectar from flowers. The variety produced by honey bees is the one most commonly referred to and is the type of honey collected by beekeepers and consumed by humans.


Curd is produced by bacterial fermentation of Milk. Curd is most commonly made by cow’s milk and water buffalo.


Ghee is a class of clarified butter. It is most commonly used in South Asian cuisine. Ghee is made by butter. When you heat the butter over medium high heat you will get ghee.


Sugar is primarily comes from sugar cane and sugar beet. It was used for sweet test, as we know it.


Mostly the people used cow's milk in Panchamrutham.

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