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Dry Chapped Lips Treatment Home Remedy

Lips are said as the most sensitive part of the skin. In summer lips become dry where as in the winter lips will turn rough and cracked. Because of all these things, lips not only look ugly but also gives you lot of pain. There are different kinds of treatments available in the market for Dry Chapped Lips. Apart with this here are natural treatments that can be made in your home itself.
List of the Tips for Dry Chapped Lips Treatment Home Remedy:
  • It was proved that Coconut oil has ability to moisturize the lips, apply this oil regularly two to three times a day will keep the dryness away.
  • Apply milk cream (pala megada) to the lips twice a day. This helps to control roughness and cracks on lips.
  • Consume the vegetables which are rich in vitamins of A and B these two vitamins help a lot to over the problem of Dry Chapped Lips.
  • Combine lemon juice, honey and curd in same quantities in a bowl and apply this to your lips.
  • Aloe vera gel also has great medicinal values. Apply this gel daily at least once a day gives you good relief.
  • Dry Chapped Lips problem will occur mostly due to the lack of moisturizer in the body. So drink water regularly.
  • Cut a slice of cucumber and rub this gently on the lips for several times in a day, this will give you quick result.
  • Mix olive oil with Vaseline in equal parts and apply this to the lips.
  • Soak rose petals in raw milk for two to three hours smash the petals in milk and apply this to your lips.
  • Coco butter is also a good home remedy for Dry Chapped Lips.
  • Massage the lips smoothly with olive oil daily will help your lips to get rid of cracks and pain.
  • Rub the lips with pure ghee or butter daily will also gibe you quick result.
  • Mix honey with Vaseline in equal quantities and apply this on your lips daily once, gives you good relief.
  • Turmeric powder is also a good home remedy for Chapped Lips. Mix honey with turmeric powder and apply this to the lips.
  • Combine the olive oil, coconut oil and aloe vera gel in equal quantities and apply this on the lops to control moisturizer.
  • Warm the ghee and add a pinch of salt to it. Apply this as a scrub to your lips this give you instant relief.
  • Mix lemon juice with fresh milk cream in equal quantity and apply this gently in the lips gives you relief from pain.
  • Smash the rose petals with your hand and apply this paste to your lips, to give you instant relief.
  • Stop smoking. Try to avoid using lipstick and drinking coffee and tea. This will make your lips chapped.
  • Too much exposure to sun also causes dry and chapped lips. So cover your lips with cloth when you get exposed to sun.

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