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College Fashion Trends

College is the melting pot of fashion. Students are discovering their sense of self, and with that comes some pretty awesome trends. Fashion usually tends to be known when someone begins to wear that kind of style. Its not only the girls who have serious fashion issues, this has taken a turn on the boys too. Since a long time both the genders have taken extreme interest in this fashion trends, adding to the college going students. Be it fashion design or being fashionable. They are not taking chance in anything. The have been following the fashion trends swiftly.

Related to college fashion, there are a few fashion trends that you could follow if you want to make a good style statement in your campus.

Denim Studded Skinny Jean

Itís inevitable that there is a growing stack of denim in the bottom of our closet.

We might not be able to explain our denim obsession, but it is completely necessary to have jeans in a variety of colors, washes and cuts.

Jackets with jeans

Sport a nice jacket with colors of fawn, brown or black. A button jacket or a zip one would do. Jackets over a formal pant are a complete no. Leather jackets although expensive tops the mark. Fleeces are also in style and will go with any color jeans.

Tuck your shirts

Make sure to tuck in the shirts if your going for formal wears. Shirts look clumsy when it is not tucked in. If you were in the mood to wear jeans with a buttoned shirt, hip length would be fabulous.

Sport a classy watch

Sport a classy and stylish that would give you an ideal look. Blings would also look sporty if worn with jeans and a nice t-shirt.

Wardrobe essentials for college guys

  1. White Polo Shirt
  2. Versatile Blue Jeans
  3. Dark Solid Suit
  4. Power Tie
  5. French Cuff Shirt
  6. V-Neck Sweater
  7. Grey Wool Trousers
  8. Khaki Pants
  9. Black Loafers
  10. Winter Coat
  11. Canvas shoes
  12. Wrist gears
  13. Eye wears
  14. Belts

College fashion trends for girls

There are lots of trends on tap for fall, but the military, crochet, and tribal trends are three of the biggest for girls.


The military look has been one of this yearís hottest trends, and will continue to stay popular through the fall. If youíre a bit hesitant to try this look, the key is to rock one military piece at a time and then leave the rest of your outfit simple.


Crocheted pieces practically scream. Their light, airy feel makes them a great option. Crochet is hot falls 2010-fashion trend, so any crochet pieces you buy now will be just as stylish come October.


Tribal inspired college fashion trends are now a perfect. Theyíll also look amazing in the coming season. Because tribal pieces are often very loud, itís best to pair them with simple accessories. If youíre going to wear one of the dresses, just slip into some flip-flops or simple leather sandals and youíre good to go. You can still rock this trend by wearing tribal-inspired accessories.

Here are some more college fashion trends tips for girls.

  1. When looking for hot pants, look for a hemline that curves up around the outer thigh for the most flattering and fashion-forward look.
  2. Girls with shorter legs should wear heels with hot pants to maximize leg length, whereas longer legged ladies are safe with sandals, wedges, flats, etc.
  3. If you arenít comfortable showing so much skin but want to try the trend, wear opaque tights underneath.

Wardrobe Essentials for college girls

  1. Jeans
  2. Cardigans
  3. Classic dress
  4. Spring Coat
  5. White Shirt
  6. Casual Flats

No Nos in the college fashion trends.

There are some things in the college fashion trend that will never make it in the half-of-fame. Here are some fashion trends that will hopefully never make a comeback.



Nerd glasses

Bright leggings

High school labels


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