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Home Remedies for Eye Problems

Home Remedies for Eye Problems
Eye is the sense organ that helps you to view this beautiful world. It is even though to think of a single day with out eyes. So we have to give minimum importance for our eyes. There are many eye problems like swelling, eye burning, running water and eye infection. As eye is the most sensitive part consult a physician, along with it here are some home remedies for Eye Problems which donít have any side effects.
List of Home Remedies for Eye Problems:
  • Eye cataract (running water) can be controlled by Aniseeds (sompu ginjalu), so eat these seeds twice a day.
  • Cool water is the fist and best home remedy for eye problems, clean the eyes regularly with cool water.
  • Slice raw cucumber in round shape and put this on eye by closing them and relax for 15 minutes this gives good relief from strain.
  • To get rid of eye redness use Babool tree (nagatumma). Make a paste with Babool leaves and apply this on the eyes.
  • Put round raw potato slice on the closed eyes before going to bed for three days. This is the best remedy to control pink eye.
  • Dip two small cotton pieces in butter milk and put it on closed eyes. This will control eye burning.
  • Vitamin A which is quite necessary for Eye is available in carrot. So eat carrots or drink carrot juice daily.
  • Dip a tea bag in warm water and put this directly on the Stye (kanti kurupu), this will be very helpful.
  • To avoid eye burning and swelling, use Coriander (kottimeera) decoction to wash the eye thrice a day.
  • Eye swelling can be controlled by providing heat compression. You can do this by putting the heat cloth on the swelling area.
  • Take the juice of Indian goose berry with honey will help a lot to avoid glaucoma (pressure in eyeball and gradual loss of sight).
  • Close your eyes and apply honey on it, relax for 20 minutes gives you pain relief.
  • Boil water and add salt in it. Give hot pressure to the eye gives you relief from eye pain.
  • Put 2 to 3 drops of Indian sorrel leaves juice in eye this will give us good relief from strain.
  • Tomatoes are rich in vitamins that have ability to avoid eye infection.
  • Aloe vera gel is the best medicine for eye infection. Dip cotton in the Aloe vera gel and put that cotton on the closed eyes.
  • Sock Marigold flowers in water for 3 to 4 hours and clean your eyes with this water. This will give coolness to your eyes.
  • To get rid of itching feeling on eyes, simply keep cool bread on eyes.
  • Put 4 jasmine flowers in a cup of water, close the cup with lid and keep it aside for a night. Put two drops of water with flowers do this for three times a day to control Pink eye.
  • Juice the Parsley and put 2 drops in an eye daily before going to bed. This will help to strengthen the eyes.

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