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Home Remedies for Healthy Diet

Home Remedies for Healthy Diet
Daily we eat many things as our food, but have you ever thick of a Diet. What is a diet? What are necessary to have a Healthy Diet? These are the common questions that arise in our mind. The solutions for these questions are the amount of food consumed by an organism or human being is called Diet and Nutritious food constitutes a healthy diet. The best tips of Home Remedies for Healthy Diet make you free from the diseases.
Complete list of home remedies for Diet:
  • Always prefer to have oil less food as your breakfast, in case of compulsion use olive oil made food.
  • Take a glass of milk daily morning and have another glass before going to bed. This will help to increase calcium contents in the body.
  • Drink a glass if lemon juice mixed in like warm water mixed with honey early in the morning with empty stomach.
  • Eat sprouted pulses once in a day either as breakfast or as evening snacks. You can also make a curry with it.
  • Consuming an egg daily will gibe you lot of nutrients like calcium and iron.
  • Coming to lunch, surely give a place to vegetable salad in your meal this will help you for easy digestion.
  • Have a fruit juice daily in middle of break fast and lunch. Prefer to take pine apple juice or orange juice mostly.
  • Better to follow “Eat an apple a day, keep doctor away” this will really work.
  • Always consume fresh leafy vegetables and vegetables. Don’t forget to wash them thoroughly before you consume.
  • Soak 2 badam seeds and 2 dry dates in a glass of water for a night and eat them early in the morning.
  • Take water mixed with sugar and a pinch of salt at lest once a week will keep you away from all digestion problems.
  • Eat a dish with bitter guard once a week is also a good home remedy for proper diet. Try to avoid fast foods and deep fried food items.
  • Try to eat vegetables and leafy vegetables raw because in the processes of cooking they will loss nutrients in them.
  • Daily eat neem leaves and basil leaves, they will help a lot in the form of natural medicine.
  • Add a pinch of turmeric powder in all your cooking recipes this will not only make the recipe colorful but also healthy.
  • Drink spinach juice once for at least fifteen days this will be helpful for all age group people.
  • Use less amount of salt and chilly powder in your dishes this will help to keep your family away from many diseases.
  • Have juices made of carrot and beetroot or beets they will help to control problems like diabetics and cholesterol.
  • Do regular exercises or meditation or yoga, at least do walking daily this also helps you a lot.
  • Drink 2 liters of water pet day and have 3 meals per day is the best home remedy tip for healthy diet.

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