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Home Remedies for House Cleaning

Home Remedies for House Cleaning
House Cleaning is the processes of making home neat and tidy. This may be done to give new look to our home and also make us to feel safe and comfortable. Before going into deep let me explain what all the things come under House Cleaning. It mainly includes disposing of waste materials, making surfaces dust free, dirt cleaning and finally vacuuming neatly. Here are some tips that will help for your House Cleaning.
Lost of Home Remedies for House Cleaning:
  • Normally we find a lot of waste left over's around gas stoves and micro ovens. Apply vinegar to it and wait for an hour and clean it with hot water dipped cloth.
  • Clean your carpets by using shampoos and dry it in the shadow only, don't dry it in sun this will make carpet loss color.
  • When you clean books racks, put one to two naphthalene balls in the rack after vacuuming it properly.
  • At the time of cleaning closets (store room), use shampoo along with floor cleaner liquid to clean the floor.
  • In the cleaning of cabinets (cupboard with drawers or shelves), once spray insects killing spray and close it and open after 10 minutes.
  • Don't use wet cloth when you clean chairs and tables legs.
  • Be cautious while you are cleaning light fixtures fist thing off the switches, use wet cloth or better to use vacuum cleaner.
  • Use lemon to wash the sink and oil stains.
  • Kerosene is used to remove the stains of ink and curries
  • Baseboards of the room always steal the look of visitors and this is the place where you find lot of dust. Use a brush to clean them instead of cloth.
  • While cleaning the windows, doors and mesh of your home, use a sponge to clean it will remove the dust well.
  • Wash the door curtains once at least after two weeks.
  • Never wash the designer dresses and saris with detergent. Give it for dry wash or wash yourself with shampoos.
  • Use toothpaste to clean the grout in the showers and floors, this will help a lot.
  • Put your jewelry in warm water mixed with baking soda for 15 minutes then clean it with brush gives your jewelry a new look.
  • To clean your sliver glasses and plates rub it with wet tamarind and clean it.
  • Mix pine solution with water in equal ratios and spray it around the dining table and furniture to get rid of flies.
  • Prepare a floor cleaner with one cup vinegar, one cup alcohol, one cup water and 2 spoons of dish wash liquid.
  • Add baking soda and vinegar pour this in a plastic bag and tie this bag to the neck of the shower pole till shower gets dipped for 20 minutes and remove it.
  • Soak the orange peel in the vinegar for 2 to 3 days after that pour this in a sprayer and use this as a cleaner.

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