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Snake Bite Home Remedies

Snake Bite Home Remedies
Snake Bite wound caused by snake. Mostly human being shrink that snake bite causes to death. But this not true, in snakes there are poisonous and non- poisonous. Only the byte of poisonous snake causes death, if we provide proper treatment in correct time we can save a person from poisonous snake bite. When a poisonous snake bites we find only 2 to 3 dots on the victim's body, for non- poisonous it will be 6 to 8 dots. Snake Bite Home Remedies play important role to save a person.
Complete list of Snake Bite Home Remedies:
  • The first thing is find which kind of snake has bitten the victim, because the poison differs from snake to snake and the treatment also differs.
  • Tie the two ends (10 cm above from the byte and 10 cm below from the byte) of the byte area tightly with cloth.
  • Clean the wound with cool water and wash it with soap with out applying any kind of pressure on it.
  • Cut the effected part round and remove out the blood at the bitten area (If you know the process well only).
  • Put a cross mark on the effected area with a knife and suck out the blood from that part of the body.
  • Put a sliced onion on the wound it has ability to absorb the poison from the body. Though it pains it is effective.
  • Don't consume any food because of it the poison may flow to the entire body, which is very dangerous.
  • Put the snake bitten are low to the hart so that the poison blood can't reach the heart easily.
  • Prepare a paste with Ankola tree root along with water and make this to have by the victim this helps to control poison.
  • Don't compress the snake bitten area with ice packs this wont work at all.
  • Grind one castor leaf (amudapu akulu) and 12 black peppers and give this to the victim instantly. This will help to cause vomiting and the poison will come out.
  • Give a hand full of neem leaves along with salt and black pepper to the victim if it tastes bitter to him he is out danger. If it tastes sweet to him we can say that there is still poison in his body.
  • Give a spoon of basil heaves juice to the victim bitten by snake once for every hour. This will work.
  • Prepare a juice with banana stem and give this to the victim.
  • Consuming hand full of basil leaves with water also helps to save the person who is affected with Snake Bite.
  • Black cohosh syrup is also a good home remedy to treat the pain of snake bite. Take this syrup 3 times a day.
  • Prepare a pate with basil root and butter. Apply this on the snake bitten part of the body for quick relief.
  • Boost up the victim regularly. He should not loss his confidence.
  • Make a liquid with basil leaves and black pepper and put a each drop of this into the 2 nostrils of the victim.
  • If the snake split the poison directly into your eyes wash the eyes with platy of cool water, so that the poison will come out with water.

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