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Semiya Upma RecipeSemiya Upma
Semiya Upma is the recipe, which will like by the children most. It is likely to have as a break fast with the combinaion of pickle.

Green Pea Paratha RecipeGreen Pea Paratha
Green Pea Paratha is good for health, which consists of several nutirents. This will be good to have as break fast. Try out this tasty recipe.

Bread Upma RecipeBread Upma
Bread Upma is the recipe, which we can prepare very fast in an easy manner. This recipe can be like by the children most that we can have it as breakfast.

Sweet Dosa RecipeSweet Dosa
Sweet dosa is a delicious simple dosa recipe. This healthy homemade recipe acts as both breakfast and evening snack recipe. Try this quick and simple sweet dosa recipe by following the simple steps given below in detail.

Onion Uthappam RecipeOnion Uthappam
Onion Uthappam is a traditional and tasty south Indian breakfast recipe. This healthy homemade breakfast recipe will consume very less time to prepare. Quick and easy steps to prepare onion uthappam is given below.

Egg Dosa RecipeEgg Dosa
Egg dosa is a tasty and delicious breakfast recipe. This homemade healthy tiffin recipe is very simple and easy to prepare. Learn how to make this egg dosa recipe in simple and quick preparation steps given below.

Minapa Garelu  RecipeMinapa Garelu
Minapa Garelu or Vadalu is a tasty traditional popular andhra recipes which are yummy and delicious. This will have great demand during festival seasons. The complete preparation of this Minapa Garelu/ Vadalu recipe is mentioned below.

Masala Puri RecipeMasala Puri
Masala Puri is a tasty and delicious snack recipe which is very tasty. The preparation of this recipe is also very simple and easy. The complete making processes of this Masala Puri recipe is mentioned below.

Lacha Parata RecipeLacha Parata
Lacha Parata is a tasty and delicious dish, this will serve good in parties and functions. This Lacha Parata also consumes very less time to prepare. The process of making Lacha Parata is mentioned below in detail.

Chikkudukaya Garelu RecipeChikkudukaya Garelu
Garelu or vadalu is a traditional andhra dish which is very simple and tasty. Chikkudukaya Garelu is really a verity item. The preparation of this Chikkudukaya Garelu is given below.

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