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Drumstick Leaves Dal RecipeDrumstick Leaves Dal
Dal making with drumstick leaves is a nice idea and above its a good for health point of view, so adding this recipe to your menu is good idea.

Kobbari pappu  RecipeKobbari pappu
Kobbari pappu is a delicious dal recipe with fresh coconut. This homemade dal recipe goes well with rice, chapati and roti. Learn this simple Kobbari pappu recipe by following the steps given below.

Mullangi Pappu RecipeMullangi Pappu
Mullangi Pappu is a delicious and traditional andhra dal recipe. This dal recipe is good combination with rice and roti. As it has Pesara pappu and Mullangi this is a healthy dal recipe. The complete making of Mullangi Pappu is given below in detail.

Chukkakura Pappu RecipeChukkakura Pappu
Chukkakura pappu is a delicious andhra dal recipes. This is a dish prepared with leafy vegetable so this will add good health for us. Complete making processes of this tasty Chukkakura pappu is explained below in detail.

Bendakaya pappu RecipeBendakaya pappu
Pappu is the complacency recipe that we make at our home. Many people love to have a Bendakaya pappu recipe which is very easy to prepare. The preparation process of Bendakaya pappu is given below.

Dosakaya Tomato Pappu RecipeDosakaya Tomato Pappu
Dosakaya Tomato Pappu is the recipe which is a different and verity attempt. But this Dosakaya Tomato Pappu tastes superb. The complete making process of Dosakaya Tomato Pappu is given below.

Dosakaya Pappu RecipeDosakaya Pappu
Pappu is the common dish that we prepare daily in our home. Many people love to have a Dosakaya Pappu recipe which is very simple to make. The complete preparation of Dosakaya Pappu is given below.

Chikkudukaya Pappu RecipeChikkudukaya Pappu
Chikkudukaya or indian broad beans is a vegetable with good taste. Here is a different try with Chikkudukaya that is Chikkudukaya pappu. Chikkudukaya pappu is very simple to make the complete preparation is given below.

Palakura pappu Andhra style RecipePalakura pappu Andhra style
Palakura is a green leafy vegetable which gives good health and strength to the human beings. Palakura pappu is a traditional Andhra dish which is very tasty. Palakura pappu Andhra style is easy to prepare. The preparation is given below.

Pachi Mirapakaya Pappu RecipePachi Mirapakaya Pappu
Pachi Mirapakaya Pappu is a popular and traditional Andhra recipe with good taste. Here is that popular recipe whivh is very easy to make and gives good strength. The preparation is given below prepare Pachi Mirapakaya Pappu Andhra recipe and enjoy.

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