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Beetroot Lassi RecipeBeetroot Lassi
Beetroot lassi is a tasty delicious summer special liquid recipe. This homemade healthy recipe is the combination of curd and beetroot this will work as a good snack. Simple and quick steps to prepare beetroot lassi is given below.

Pomegranate Mango Juice RecipePomegranate Mango Juice
Pomegranate mango juice is a delicious tasty juice recipe. This is a healthy homemade juice recipe which is a good ending for breakfast or lunch or dinner. Learn how to make pomegranate mango juice by following the quick and easy steps given below.

Chocolate Berry Milkshake RecipeChocolate Berry Milkshake
Chocolate berry milkshake is a delicious tasty milkshake recipe. This is a healthy homemade shake recipe which goes well for breakfast or evening snack. Learn how to make chocolate berry milkshake by following the quick and easy steps given below.

Ragi Malt RecipeRagi Malt
Ragi Malt is a healthy drink especially during summer season to keep your body cool. This is a traditional andhra drink which gives good strength to your body. The complete making of this Ragi Malt recipe is given below.

Orange and Carrot Juice RecipeOrange and Carrot Juice
Orange and Carrot Juice will help you a lit in summer season. This juice is not only tasty but also good for health. The preparation processes of delicious Orange and Carrot Juice recipe is given below.

Chocolate Banana Milkshake RecipeChocolate Banana Milkshake
Chocolate Banana Milkshake is a yummy and tasty delicious Milkshake recipe. Children's love to have this tasty chocolate banana milkshake. The process of making this Chocolate Banana Milkshake recipe is explained below in detail.

Keera Dosakaya Juice RecipeKeera Dosakaya Juice
Keera Dosakaya Juice will help you a lot in summer season. People who don’t eat raw Dosakaya can enjoy this in the form of Keera Dosakaya Juice. The preparation of this Keera Dosakaya Juice is given below.

Mango Papaya Milkshake RecipeMango Papaya Milkshake
Shakes got good priority in all seasons normally all shakes will have common ingredient milk which gives good strength. Mango Papaya Shake in which we use milk. Try this Mango Papaya Shake and enjoy its taste with your loved once.

Easy Grape Juice RecipeEasy Grape Juice
Is grape juice good for health. Answer is yes grapes play a vital role to cure asthma and heart problems. So here is a juice made out of grapes and that gives yummy taste. How to make easy grape juice is given below.

Vanilla Orange Juice  RecipeVanilla Orange Juice
Delicioussoft drink for summer

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