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Vangi Bath Masala Powder RecipeVangi Bath Masala Powder
Vangi bath masala powder is a one of the important ingredient while preparing Vangi bath recipe or curries or any rice items. This homemade powder recipe can be stored in air tight containers for long period also.

Senaga Pappu Podi RecipeSenaga Pappu Podi
Senaga pappu podi is a delicious tasty andhra style powder recipe. This homemade healthy powder recipe is good combination with dosa, idli and steamed rice with ghee. Try this senaga pappu podi recipe by following the simple steps below.

Andhra Charu Podi RecipeAndhra Charu Podi
Andhra charu podi is a papular and traditional recipe. We use this powder recipe to prepare curries, rice and rasam or charu. Llern how to make this homemade andhra charu podi recipe by following the simple and quick steps given below.

Kandi Podi Andhra Style RecipeKandi Podi Andhra Style
Kandi podi andhra style is a delicious treditional andhra powder recipe. This homemade yummy podi recipe is healthy and goes well with rice, idli and dosa. Simple and quick steps to prepoare this kandi podi andhra style is given here in detail.

Aratikaya Podi RecipeAratikaya Podi
Aratikaya Podi is a yummy andhra podi recipe which is a good combination with idli, dosa and rice. This powder recipes are very healthy and tasty too. The quick steps to prepare this simple Aratikaya Podi recipe is given below.

Chintaku Podi RecipeChintaku Podi
Chintaku Podi is a yummy sour and spicy powder recipe. This is our ancient traditional recipe which is very tasty. The making process of this tasty Chintaku Podi recipe is mentioned here in brief.

Chitlam Podi RecipeChitlam Podi
Chitlam Podi is a traditional and tasty powder recipe. This recipe can be stored for a month, making of this Chitlam Podi is very simple and easy. The complete preparation of this powder recipe is given below.

Palli Karam Podi RecipePalli Karam Podi
Ground nuts / pallilu are a kind of pulses that is having great content of oil. More over Palli Karam Podi is a traditional Andhra dish which has great demand in India. Preparation of Palli Karam Podi is given below.

Vellullipai podi Garlic powder RecipeVellullipai podi Garlic powder
Typical Andhra powders

Vegetable Rice Powder RecipeVegetable Rice Powder
Powder to use with vegetable rice

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