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Strawberry Melon Salad RecipeStrawberry Melon Salad
Strawberry melon salad is a delicious fruit salad recipe which is very healthy and tasty. This will also consume very less time to prepare. Quick and simple steps to prepare strawberry melon salad is given below.

Cucumber Carrot Salad RecipeCucumber Carrot Salad
Cucumber carrot salad is a yummy and easy vegetable salad recipe. This salad is the combination of Cucumber and carrot which are very beneficial. The making process of this salad is given below in detail.

Orange Pineapple Salad RecipeOrange Pineapple Salad
Orange pineapple salad is a delicious and tasty fruit salad. This is the combination of Orange and pineapple fruits which are healthy. So the complete making of Orange pineapple salad is mentioned below.

Dosakaya Baddalu RecipeDosakaya Baddalu
Dosakaya Baddalu can also be said as Dosakaya salad. This Dosakaya Baddalu will help a lot during functions and parties. The making processes of Dosakaya Baddalu are given in detail below.

Raw Beetroot Salad RecipeRaw Beetroot Salad
Now a day’s Salads have become part of meal. Most of us prefer to have different kind of varieties in Salads also. So here is raw beetroot salad which is very tasty and healthy. This will give you good health as beetroot has high blood increase abili

Cow Peas Salad RecipeCow Peas Salad
Cow Peas Salad very tasty

Mixed Vegetable Salad  RecipeMixed Vegetable Salad
Healthy and Nutricious Salad for Dinner

Broccali Salad  RecipeBroccali Salad
Green Salad

Salad with chole chana  RecipeSalad with chole chana
Salad with Kabuli chana

Boondhi Raita  RecipeBoondhi Raita
Popular raita to go with rothi

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