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Mixed Vegetable Sambar RecipeMixed Vegetable Sambar
Hot mixed vegetable sambar is a yummy south Indian dish prepared with different vegetables. This two-course meal is healthy and goes well along with rice, idli and dosa.

Chamagadda Pulusu  RecipeChamagadda Pulusu
Chamagadda pulusu andhra style is a tasty delicious recipe prepared with chamagadda. This homemade healthy pulusu recipe goes well with rice, chapathi or dosa. Quick and easy chamagadda pulusu andhra style recipe is given below.

Mamidikaya Rasam RecipeMamidikaya Rasam
Mamidikaya rasam is a tasty traditional andhra rasam recipe. This sour and spicy healthy rasam is very yummy and we prepare this especially for festivals. Quick and simple steps to prepare this Mamidikaya rasam recipe is given below.

Bendakaya Sambar Andhra RecipeBendakaya Sambar Andhra
Bendakaya Sambar Andhra is a special and tasty Andhra recipe. This traditional Bendakaya Sambar Andhra is simple and easy. The preparation of Bendakaya Sambar Andhra recipe is given below.

Bendakaya Pappu Charu RecipeBendakaya Pappu Charu
Pappu Charu is the popular Andhra recipe. Here is Bendakaya Pappu Charu this is very simple and easy to prepare. The completr preparation of Bendakaya Pappu Charu is given below in detail.

Bendakaya Pulusu in Pressure Cooker RecipeBendakaya Pulusu in Pressure Cooker
Many people prefer to have Pressure Cook than oil cook, so here is Bendakaya Pulusu in Pressure Cooker. The complete making process of this Bendakaya Pulusu in Pressure Cooker is given below.

Bendakaya Kura Pulusu RecipeBendakaya Kura Pulusu
Bendakaya Kura Pulusu is yummy recipe which is nutritious. Bendakaya Kura Pulusu is very tasty and easy recipe. The complete detail about the making process of this Bendakaya Kura Pulusu is mentioned below.

Bendakaya Dappalam RecipeBendakaya Dappalam
Bendakaya Dappalam or sour Bendakaya curry is thr recipe which is thr combination of tamatind and Bendakaya. The complete making process of Bendakaya Dappalam is given below in brief.

Bendakaya Charu RecipeBendakaya Charu
Basically many of our grandmother’s told that bendakaya helps a lot to grow memory power. So here is Bendakaya Charu which is very simple and easy to prepare.

Dosakaya Sambar RecipeDosakaya Sambar
Dosakaya Sambar is a special and tasty dish which is yummy and juicy. This Dosakaya Sambar is completly Andhra style recipe. The preparation of Dosakaya Sambar dish is mentioned below in detail.

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