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Aloo Methi Parata RecipeAloo Methi Parata
Aloo methi parata is a tasty traditional Indian tiffin recipe. This healthy homemade parata is a good combination of Aloo and methi. Try this simple and quick aloo methi parata recipe by following the simple steps given below.

Alasanda Vada RecipeAlasanda Vada
Alasanda vada is a tasty traditional andhra recipe will serve as tiffin. This is a healthy homemade vada recipe which will have great demand during festival seasons. Learn how to make this alasanda vada recipe by following the simple steps given belo

Bread Dosa RecipeBread Dosa
Bread Dosa is a smooth tasty healthy and delicious bread recipes. These are very simple and easy bread recipes. The complete preparation processes of making this Bread Dosa recipe is explained below in detail.

Jonna Rotte RecipeJonna Rotte
Jonna Rotte is a popular traditional ancient andhra recipe which is healthy and tasty. This recipe is given more priority during festival seasons. The complete preparation of Jonna Rotte is mentioned here in detail.

Goduma Attu RecipeGoduma Attu
Goduma Attu is the recipe which we can prepare instant. This is will be not only tasty and but also looks delicious. The detail making processes of this Goduma Attu is mentioned below in brief.

Erra Karam Dosa RecipeErra Karam Dosa
Erra Karam Dosa is the tasty delicious Andhra style recipe. This can be prepared easily and fast. Erra Karam Dosa will be really yummy and surely attracts all, complete preparation of this is mentioned below.

Cheese Paratha RecipeCheese Paratha
Cheese Paratha is a north Indian traditional and tasty dish. This Cheese Paratha is very yummy and delicious. The complete making processes of this Cheese Paratha is explained below in detail.

Bombay Rava Upma RecipeBombay Rava Upma
Upma is the easiest and fast made breakfast with super taste. Bombay rava upma is also a tasty where some people call it as Tomato bath. so try this it is very easy to make just like normal upma.

Sandwich Idli RecipeSandwich Idli
Use the following ingredients to prepare or make sandwich Idli recipe at home. it is very healthy for childrens, working womens and office going mens, old and young peoples.

Varity of Upma and also utterly delicious break fast recipe.

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